New NY Times Letter

Dear Editor, I congratulate Bob Herbert on writing Lost in a Flood of Debt. I think it is high time that somebody wrote about the people who like Ms. Levey (and myself) have had to struggle because of mortgage fraud and the threat of foreclosure. Her situation is very similar to mine in that I had very little money to buy food and pay utilities. I could not believe what was happening to me and what I had become. The last thing I had been and wanted to be was a deadbeat. Suddenly I had people calling me at almost all hours asking me to pay them. I  explained that I couldn´t because I had no money. But they didn´t believe me and they kept calling.

It is very easy to blame the borrower and say something like he or she should have known better. Borrower beware? What about the people–like the loan officer, for instance–who should have done their job and not behave unethically? In my case, the loan officer knew what he was doing and I have been paying for it since 2002.

I feel that Bob Herbert´s article speaks to me. I feel that he respects people like Ms. Levey and me. Eugenia Renskoff


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