The Tigre Dog

Wednesday, November 28, 2007: I saw him by a tree in front of the Tigre train station. He was a large dog, with a spotted white coat. I put my hand inside my plastic bag and took out a handful of dog food. Here, I said. The dog looked at me and his tail wagged. Then he stretched his front paws for me to touch. I caressed his head. The dog got up and sat in a begging position. He wanted a home. He wanted to be taken home and I couldn´t do that for him.
If I was movie director, I would film these dogs. I would record how they follow people who look nice, how they look to see who gets out of colectivos, how they search for someone to make them not be homeless anymore. I know the world has a lot of problems to solve, and some people will ask: Why worry about dogs? What about hungry children?
I don´t know. All I can answer is this: These dogs touch me deeply and I want to help them. Some of them are old strays, some have just been put on the street, but they have one thing in common. They are living beings with feelings and needs and they don´t deserve to die out there. My dog Rubio had feelings. He had a heart, a soul.


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