NY Times Article on Bill Collectors

Dear Editor, I feel that it is good to have jobs in a hard hit region like Buffalo, N.Y., but not at the expense of people who have gotten into debt because of foreclosure, mortgage fraud, predatory lending and/or job losses. If people are always coming up with new ways to make money, why not have people not have debt? I know that in that case they could not try to collect from them, but it would be better all around. Debts that you cannot pay or are hounded and harrassed for can give you ulcers and make your life miserable in other ways. No one wants to be called by a debt collector. Nobody in their right mind enjoys not having money to pay their bills. Eugenia Renskoff


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One Response to “NY Times Article on Bill Collectors”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    Dear Eugenia,

    The participants in the “Credit Cards and Consumer Debt” forum in the Personal Finance section of the free Discussion Boards at motleyfool.com can and will help you to manage the creditors who are attempting to victimize you at this vulnerable point. The member of this forum are wise about financial topics.

    Your posts are affecting to me because we are approximately the same age. Also I identify with you because I understand the anxiety provoked by financial challenges.

    Blessings, Cynthia

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