Bright Passage?

Friday, January 30, 2009: The other day there was an article in the New York Times about self-publishing. The title of the article was Bright Passages: Authors Who Pay Their Way. What is so bright about having to pay to get published? What is so good about having to fork money over to see your book in print? I see nothing good about this. In fact, I find it very sad. It is the same old story of many years ago. Nothing has changed. Yes, famous authors in the past have had to pay initially and they they became famous. But how many of them are lucky enough to have that happen?
I looked high and low for a publisher for my novel Different Flags. it was rejected everywhere. Sometimes reasons were given, sometimes not. When I finally found a small publisher in Florida, it received excellent reviwes. Some of the reviewers were:, com/reader,, among others. I was proud of my novel and all the effort I put into it didn’t mean a thing to me. But I did not pay to get it published. That was my choice. And I will not pay to publish my other 3 novels: To Find a Dead Woman, Rubio, My Dog, My Life and Roof Less, Being Homeless on Park Avenue.


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