Bathroom Madness

Last night the Italian woman, the star tenant on the 5th floor nearly lost it. I was in the bathroom doing my business and I had turned on the faucet to let her know someone was in there. But that wasn’t enough for her—she came into the bathroom without knocking when I seated on the toilet. I got angry and told her to be polite, but it didn’t help much. Then, the guy next door’s girlfriend was in the bathroom cleaning something up. The Italian woman and I were waiting outside the bathroom and she knocked on the door (something she hadn’t done for me). When the girl apologized the Italian woman told her to use Nina’s bathroom. I think the guy and his girlfriend sublet their space from one of the other tenants on the floor but the bathroom is inside the tenant’s apt.-like setting. The guy started to say something about his being a plumber and offering to make a sink in the Italian woman’s other bathroom space (the one that she uses with her friend and co-tenant). The Italian woman looked daggers and told him in a very high tone of voice that her rent had just being raised and that her bathroom usage was still restricted. I looked at the guy (who seems a very nice person) and he understood that this is a very touchy subject for the Italian woman (and I can fully understand why). I told him who he should talk to if he really wants to build this other sink. Nobody likes not to have their very own bathroom. Her actions were still very rude and if I had opened the door while she was in the bathroom, she would have filed a complaint against me.


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