GA Real Estate Mess

It baffles me to think that anybody would even consider the possibility that I would willingly commit mortgage fraud and that I would get myself into a situation where I would lose a home. That is similar to saying that a woman deserved to be raped because she did wore a low cut dress and therefore invited someone to sexually assault her. The experience that I lived through in GA turned my life into a living nightmare. I often feel that there is nothing worse than this. The real estate professionals I was dealing with knew what they were doing and they were aware of the consequences of their actions. I didn’t. They acted out of self interest and greed. Later I learned that at the time I bought the condo the real estate market in Atlanta and GA was very soft. I hate to think that they are doing the same to someone else. Why should they be protected when they did what they did? Why let this go on and on? Consumers, especially borrowers, should be protected.


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