Soup kitchen in the Rain

Soup kitchen in the Rain: 5 P.M: I went early to the soup kitchen on 51st. between Park and Lexington. There were already at least 10 people ahead of me. The sky was grey, but it didn’t look too threatening, though it had rained hard earlier. Then, at about 5:15 P.M. it came down with a vengeance. People in their cars gawked at us and the guy behind me was pushing his transparent plastic bag to the side. It had all sorts of empty cans in it. A lady walked up to me out of nowhere and handed me a sandwich. Thank you very much, I told her. Then, she moved on to another person and gave him another sandwich. I couldn’t wait to get inside, get somewhere out of the rain. Somebody down in front got testy and started yelling at the woman behind him. He accused her of pushing him. The man in charge of the church volunteers went up to see what was going on. He motioned for the woman, me and another woman to go in and get our food. In the cafeteria, the guys had our soup, orange, milk and bagel in the bags. After we got them, there was another guy offering cheddar cheese and broccoli pies. The guy moved down to the other end of the table where we choose from croissants, pieces of brownies and Balthazar bread loaves. I walked out and thanked the church volunteer supervisor. The food came in very handy. The rain wouldn’t stop pouring. I opened my umbrella I went to the subway down the block.


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