Food in the Rain

Friday, October 16, 2009:

Thursday: 5:30 P.M. I rushed to the soup kitchen line, but there were only a few men waiting. Most were against the wall of the church on 51st. Street. The rain came down and down. I was already all wet from walking all over Manhattan.

Usually when the weather is bad, we get fed early, but this time something must have happened to delayed them. I placed myself in the line reserved for the ladies. The first lady, I thought and I smiled.

A few minutes later, the first Coalition for the Homeless truck arrived. More waiting for the truck to be opened so that the heavy containers could be carried to the cafeteria. James, the supervisor, opened the truck and some of the men carried the stuff inside. More ladies joined the line and he told us to wait inside. I could see that we’d get a lot of food–the volunteers were setting the tables and there was plenty of everything–salads, sandwiches, bread.

The men who had helped carry the food got their share and we, the women, went to get our portion.


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