Tuesday, January 26, 2010: Signing on the dotted line and trusting the so called professionals of the real estate industry in GA in 2002 was an unwitting mistake. It dawned on me that there was something very rotten in the deal after the ink had dried. Now I am more than suffering the consequences. I have no place to go. Going to GA took away whatever chance I could have had of having a home. If I had known that all this was going to happen, I would have run. But, I didn’t know. If I was responsible and paid the mortgage up until the last moment, why are they not responsible and admit that, because the market was bad then and there was too much inventory, they did what they did to get their commission? I am also wondering if my horrible loan was sold and if somebody profited–in a big way–from it. I certainly didn’t. Now I am still homeless, almost 8 years later.


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