Tuesday, March 9, 2010: It may seem that I have forgotten about the GA foreclosure crisis and its terrible consequence upon my life, but that isn’t so. No matter what else occupies my thoughts, that is there and I cannot be reminded often enough. I shop The Salvation Army and only The Salvation Army because of that unfortunate trip to Atlanta in 2002. I go to the soup kitchen because the GA experience did me incredible harm. Not to worry. I have already blamed myself over and over again for taking the Greyhound to Atlanta. And I have blamed myself, too, for trusting the people I trusted once I arrived there. But now, I need to say this: I was not a real estate professional and I had never heard before of mortgage fraud and liar loans or credit card debt. These became all too familiar only after I closed on the condo at 3660 Peachtree Road, J8. I was not motivated by greed or getting a commission. What I wanted was to settle down in Atlanta. What I got was dozens of slaps in the face. And shame and pain and everything else that is not pleasant.  Eugenia Renskoff


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