Subway Mini Drama

Tuesday, April 20, 2010: Some people on the NY subway make me mad and sad. I was standing near the door with my red duffel bag and my yellow Strand bookstore bag. A young fat black woman seated near me gave me a dirty look. This was the same woman who did not get up when a young woman with a baby carriage and a little girl got on. I played dumb, pretended I didn’t understand. Then she told me to get the bag out of her way. It wasn’t in her way. I am getting off at the next stop, I said. Next time give your seat when a woman with a kid needs it. Nobody gives up their seat.  Maybe if Julia Roberts were to get on the train and offer somebody a lead part in her next movie, they would. I often have to ride standing up even though my handicap is quite visible. They play dumb and get away with it.


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