Lottery She saw the lottery tickets. They were all piled up in the trash. How many dreams. How many people bought one or more of these and thought they’d win. Then their lives would be better, and they’d take a vacation or buy a house. No, it is not true what they say. They lie. They’ve always lied. Money is important. As long as we’re alive it matters. Then, when we cease to exist, who cares? We don’t need it anymore. I’d like to buy one, she told the man behind the counter. The Mega Millions with 224 million.


One Response to “Lottery”

  1. alex Says:

    People throw away lottery tickets sometimes that may have a winner maybe not a big one-if you find any again take them to a store and have them checked just in case- I’m not saying you’d find a million dollar one but maybe 5 dollars here and there. Money is security of a sorts that’s for sure

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