Pizza and the Dog

Pizza and the Dog

The window was wide open. She stood on her hind legs, with her head leaning forward, almost touching the food counter. The young man tore up small pieces of a pizza slice and placed them on the counter. She opened her mouth wide and swallowed one, two, three, four, five times. She was a young white colored dog with dark spots, probably a Dalmatian type. People gathered around and watched her. Somebody threw a piece of bread on the sidewalk. She swallowed it; the person threw another. It was gone immediately Her nose smelled the sidewalk for more food but there was none. The dog looked up with her big brown eyes and the person threw more pieces of bread. The bus stopped on the corner of Driggs Avenue and North 7th Street. Now the dog’s head was almost inside the pizzeria window. The bus, crowded with passengers, pulled out. People kept on looking at her. She’s still there, somebody young said. She’s insatiable. She wants more. Laughter all around.


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