No One

No One

I live in an increasingly hostile world. I don’t mean that the things that are talked about in the news are hostile. I am referring to my own personal world. To put it bluntly: Nobody cares what happens to me or my health. Infected teeth are not, I have been told by several dentists, to be taken lightly. And yet, I am walking around Brooklyn and Manhattan with 2 infected teeth. I have not been shy for a long, long time. People in my world know about the dangers of letting this infection just stay inside me. Money, as always is the issue and I have none. I cannot speak for my acquaintances. The NYU Dental School people cannot help me if I don’t pay them. I cannot pay them or anybody. Now I am forced to ask this question: Am I going to just be allowed to die? This is another consequence of the GA mortgage fraud/foreclosure tragedy. My life has been going downhill since I went to Atlanta back in May of 2002. Is this going to be it for me? It is my life and I am interested in knowing the answer.


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