The Timid One

The Timid One

Wednesday evening: Havermeyer, corner Hope Street, Williamsburgh:

He came from the far end of the parking lot. He walked slowly and looked to see if the bigger cats were friendly. Someone was putting food out and the kitten saw the pink plate was near the gated entry. He looked again. One grey and white cat stared at him and the little one backed off. He went under one of the cars. Then he came out ever so cautiously and as the bigger ones stared up at the person feeding them, he put some of the dry cat food in his mouth.


2 Responses to “The Timid One”

  1. alex Says:

    I really love these slices of New York life. They are full of strong feeling

  2. Eugenia Says:

    Thank you, Alex./ My feelings have always been strong. The cats need help too.

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