Staten Island Suicide Mom

I feel sorry for the mother who, on July 22, killed her 4 children and committed suicide. I don’t think she was a monster mom like some people call her. She must have been very unhappy and saw no way out. It is not to excuse her, simply to understand her a little. Maybe she thought that if she killed herself her children would go into an orphanage and she didn’t want that to happen. Maybe she had huge problems that she believed had no solution.


3 Responses to “Staten Island Suicide Mom”

  1. El Don Juan Del Don Del Gregorio Says:

    I disagree with you here… Any person who would kill her own children is evil. I have no sympathy for her .. Same for that woman who killed all those people on the Taconic …. Killing yourself is already a selfish act … But if you are so compelled, don’t take others with you.

    • beccar Says:

      Don Gregorio, I disagree. I don’t think that killing yourself is a selfish act. Sometimes it is the only thing to do. I hope that she and the kids are resting in peace. Eugenia

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