Sweet Bird

 There he was, standing outside the main door of an apt. building on Bedford Avenue. He was a small little thing and of many colors—yellow, blue and red. Somebody stopped and asked him what he was doing there. The bird could offer no answer. His eyes looked scared. The person touched him on the head and the bird looked at her. Then somebody else stopped and said that maybe he had been injured. That’s why he is not moving, she said. He must have been somebody’s pet, another woman commented. Saturday was a big moving day in Williamsburgh and the bird was homeless. A man walked by. This bird is lost, he said. He belonged to somebody. My mother has two of these. He bent down and picked him up, carrying him to his new home. The 3 women walked down Bedford. We helped him, the first one told the other two. If we hadn’t stopped to see what we could do for him, maybe now he wouldn’t have a new home.


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