Bleach and the Time Warp

Black jeans with a black and silver belt and a black T shirt. The woman’s face had too much makeup and in the hot weather, it helped give away her age. Her pale eyes were narrow, and the lipstick on her thin lips was a shade or two too dark. The pony-tailed hair had had run ins with too many dye jobs. On her left arm, she wore thick silver like bracelets. Don’t get in in front of me, bitch. Her shrill voice could be heard down on 51st. and Lexington. But this lady invited me here, the woman called bitch said, pointing to an elderly person. The bangle woman went in first to get her plastic bag of food.


2 Responses to “Bleach and the Time Warp”

  1. alex Says:

    Strong Stuff. Was this at a soup kitchen?

  2. Eugenia Says:

    Yes, it was at a soup kitchen. Appreciate comment.Eugenia

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