Fire Dogs

Manhattan: Corner of Grand and Crosby, Saturday afternoon: A black motorcycle with a two seat passenger seat. 2 doggies, small in size were shouting and barking and yelling at  the passersby. The passersby were busy laughing a nd taking their pictures. The doggies were wearing red firemen helmets in honor of September 11. One of them started to bark loudly, like he was nervous and the other one copied him. One of the doggies jumped up and down in his seat so much that he almost removed the helmet from his head. The owner showed up and put it back on. You’re a brave man, someone said. Are they your dogs? The man said yes, one had belonged to his ex girlfriend, the other to someone else. You are very lucky to have them, she told him. The woman didn’t have a cell phone to take their pictures, but she enjoyed the brief moment of anything goes in Manhattan. It was worth stopping by and watching the show. She laughed for the first time in weeks.


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