The Suit

 The afternoon was sunny and not chilly. The woman walked with three heavy bags of groceries back to her job. How beautiful, she said, stopping at a vintage clothing store. There was a rack of for sale clothes at $10 each. What an elegant suit. It was light orange and the label said Paris, Made in France 100% wool. The woman looked to see if there were any stains, any thing to deter her. No, it’s perfect. She went in and tried it. Temptation. It is too great, but I can’t. I am so tired of feeling poor, feeling like there is no hope. Even if I owned this suit, I’d still be the person I am now. The woman sighed. Goodbye, little suit, she said. You were almost mine.


2 Responses to “The Suit”

  1. alex Says:

    This and Down Down are very powerful, painful endings loaded with power and sadness,

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