Dark Victory

Dark Victory

What can I do? What will release what’s inside me? There is no shoulder to cry on and all this that I have had inside me for all these months, must have an outlet. I have done nothing wrong that I can think of. I have not hurt or stolen from anyone and this hurtful thing has happened. Dark Victory with Bette Davis is a movie that has great memories for me. I saw it in San Francisco at the old Gateway theater years ago. Now I have checked it out of the library. I can let my tears out as I watch the brave way Judith, the protagonist, faces death at a young age. I can sympathize with her character and put myself in her shoes as she says goodbye to her doctor husband who’s going away on a trip not realizing he’ll never see his wife again. Then she calls her 2 dogs and embraces them one last time. And she walks up the stairs up to her room holding on to the banister for support as her faithful maid watches helplessly with tears in her eyes. She goes to her bed and tells the maid she doesn’t want to be disturbed. The maid bows her head as if praying and removes a few pieces of clothing from the bed. She covers Judith with a comforter and closes the door gently. Judith fades away.


One Response to “Dark Victory”

  1. alex Says:

    What a powerful post, how strong is art such as Dark Victory to help you release some of your pain,

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