Get Out! Get Out!

Get Out! Get Out!
It wasn’t the first time she heard that. And now it probably wouldn’t be the last. She had to get out and she didn’t know how. There were too many things going on that were not to her liking. She couldn’t wave a magic wand and make them disappear. There was the problem of her health. Several issues were robbing her of sleep. She couldn’t chew her food properly. The knife feeling in her back was getting worse. She tried hard but found no warmth, no human warmth anywhere. She had her cat. Her cat slept with her and her little body comforted her. She wondered why no human being could do a similar thing. She wasn’t a mean person. As far as she knew, she hadn’t hurt anybody. Then why? Why had her life unraveled? What had she done exactly to make it go down so quickly and so badly?


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