Polenta and Sausage

He took a large pot from the kitchen cabinet. It was the only clean pot he found. He filled it with water and after it boiled he added some polenta, enough for 3 people. When the polenta was done, he cut 2 sausages into small pieces, added the pieces and waited until everything was done. The young man then called the dogs. Come, Beast, he said to the first one. Here’s your food. The other dogs, the black one and his black and white half brother were fed in the living room. What a mess, he said to no one as he looked at the kitchen. He shook his head. my adoptive mother is sick. She can’t take care of this. I can’t either. The young man opened the kitchen door and went to the living room. He said a few words to his adoptive mother and her companion and left.


2 Responses to “Polenta and Sausage”

  1. alex Says:

    interesting- where is this going-does he resent his mother?

  2. Eugenia Says:

    Hi, Yes, maybe the son did resent her. Eugenia

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