There is no more prolonging The Dutchess’ life. The ultrasound shows a small cancer growth in her liver or intestine. The Dutchess has had a hard life, being out on the parking lot on Havemeyer off Metrolopitan Avenue in Williamsburgh. Who knows where she came from or if she ever belonged to somebody? She was probably never petted or held or comforted. She may never have purred with pure pleasure because she knew her owner loved her and was holding her in his or her arms as if she was a baby. The Dutchess will be put down. I don’t want her to go because I have grown attached to her. And I have had to have Rubio, my beloved German Shepherd, put to sleep. The memory of that haunts me to this day. He looked like a giant lion taken down. But the Dutchess can’t be in a cage for the remaining 6 months or so of her life. There is no farm for her to be. There is no other solution but what will probably happen in the next few days.


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