The very best of the Upper East Side—Park Avenue on 70th Street, the Frick mansion on 5th Avenue and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Women walking past me were wearing long and expensive looking mink and fox coats. The subway on 77th and Lexington Avenue just a few blocks down. It is still the Upper East Side but it is not as glamorous. A young Afro American man stood near the tracks. In one hand he had an individual container of Yoplait yogurt. On the floor there were black plastic bags and a can of Welch’s grape juice. The young man moved to and fro and fro and to. He bent down and didn’t move for a few minutes. People walked past him; some looked, others didn’t bother to see him. He moved over to the foot of the stairs and in his other hand held another container with some coins in it.


One Response to “Contrast”

  1. Grady Lee Howard Says:

    Eugenia: I really like it when you take time to comment On Point. Your writing is especially observant and empathetically sensitive. You must feel overwhelmed by the emotional broadcasts all around you. Contrasts (in access to vital things) is probably the most ruinous thing in our society. Why would you only take 20% when billionaires pass on their fortunes? Grady Lee Howard

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