Pet love

Pet Love

Pets have given me a lot. Sometimes I have received more love from them than from human beings. Rubio, my German Shepherd, was the kind of dog who would give his life for me, his owner. It was built in in him. He loved me and I loved him. When he died, I was devastated. He had a good and trusting heart. Rubio is still with me in spirit. He always will be near me no matter what. Lauchita, my cat, is a stray I found by a hospital. She likes to play with the black shoelace that I dangle before her eyes. She sleeps with her little face next to mine. When I wake up, I tell myself how lucky I am to have her. I have had other pets, like my aristocratic and tragic Chiquito. I knew him for only 6 weeks. He brought beautiful things to my life. Chiquito was a soul mate and a dear friend.


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