The Sandwich Lottery

The Sandwich Lottery:

5:45 P.M: A soup kitchen near Park Avenue:

She looked at the line of men behind her. It was very long, much longer than the previous week. The shorter line had a young mother and two small boys plus 3 women. A man by the door of the cafeteria motioned the women in. The lights were very bright. The women looked around them. A lady volunteer stood behind a table. The young mother with the 2 boys went right up and took 3 sandwiches. “Only one left,” the woman thought. “Please let it be for me.” Someone else cut in and asked the volunteer what type of sandwich it was. “Ham and cheese.” The person put it in her white plastic bag. The woman watching the scene shook her head and sighed.
“No soup, please, “she told the man handing it out in white cups.” Just milk, bread and that orange.”

Once outside, she saw a man pick up a $20 bill from the sidewalk.

“Clearly not my day or night,” she thought. And I never win the lottery either.”
When the light changed, she crossed the street.


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