Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces

I have been remembering little bits and pieces about Rubio’s last days. I see the pain within myself because I was losing him. He has been lying on top of the thick checkered comforter. Somebody has helped me put him in the shower. It is very hot and the tiles will make him feel a little better. Rubio can no longer walk. At this point he probably doesn’t want to even try.

That last night—Monday, January 8th, 2007. I went to Coto, the supermarket on the other block to buy him something nice for his last meal. I prepared steak and potatoes. He gobbles everything. It is as if he has never eaten before. When I go to bed to get some rest before they come pick him up tomorrow morning, I can’t sleep. The radio is keeping us company. I don’t know the radio announcer. I have never met him, but his voice, a stranger’s voice, makes me feel calmer. I look at where Rubio is. His eyes are wide open.


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