The Crescents

The Crescents

It was such a long and hard walk over theBrooklynBridgeto Tribeca. The woman’s stomach made noises. She did not want to know, she did not want to hear. But her stomach insisted. On the corner ofWorth Streetthere was a Starbucks store. It was after 6 in the evening and the garbage was on the sidewalk. She walked by and saw 2 crescents. The woman bent down a little and felt them. Indeed, the crescents were soft, not hard. Should I or shouldn’t I? I want them but I am ashamed and it is sad. Open the bag, a voice inside her told her. Another voice said no, leave the bag alone. Just resist temptation. People were walking by to cross over toFoley Square. I don’t know what to do, she thought.


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