Jasmines and Rubio

Jasmines and Rubio
The unforgettable scent of it! Rubio, my German shepherd and I are walking. It is late at night. The heat has been brutal and we are glad to get out of the apt. We walk slowly, with Rubio pulling me a little hard. He is so strong, almost like the Tarzan of the canine world. There is a house on the corner of a long block. It is on the run down side. The people living there have 2 small dogs. The dogs bark each and every time Rubio and I walk by. The house has a jasmine tree. It smells so sweet, just like summer, that I want to linger and enjoy it as much as I can. Rubio likes it too. He stands by the tree smelling the leaves. It is late, I tell him. Let’s go home. We reluctantly walk back.


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