My Mother

She got sick on Saturday, July 9th and died on Sunday July 10th, 1994. It is 17 years later and I can still see the doctor with the thick Southern accent, I see the ride with my sick mother to the hospital in the ambulance. I had stayed up all night with her, and to while away the uneasiness and stress as much as possible, I watched most of Double Indenmity (1944) with Barbara Stanwyck, and Fred MacMurray on AMC. My mother was a borderline diabetic. She started feeling unwell that Saturday afternoon. A doctor was called but he did not come to our house. I asked friends and acquaintances. I asked anybody I could think of. We were together, my mother and I. She looked at me with her pale brown eyes and told me not to worry. She was hardly eating. My mother was stretched out on her checkered couch, the one in the hall by the staircase. She was wearing short ehite socks, like a schoolgirl. Her legs needed moisturizing and her light brown hair with just a little bit of grey at the temples, was stringy. What to do? What to do? A couple of people had told me they were concerned. A second doctor was able to come. He said my mother was dehydrated.


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