My Fabled Hotel

The Fabled Hotel

I think of it often—more often than I used to in t he past. It is one of those experiences that has made a deep impression on me. Now, with the contrast between then and now, it seems like a dream. I often wonder if it ever happened. It did.

The Stanhope Hotel on 5th Avenue was my refuge during my early time in Manhattan. I bumped into it by accident when one day I was walking to get myself acquainted with the neighborhood. I went inside the restaurant to get a cup of coffee and a crescent. I went back the next day and most mornings after that. At the Stanhope Hotel, I felt that I belonged. I hadn’t felt that way for a long time. I was there and I was not invisible. I was not just another newcomer to the Big Apple. The richness of my surroundings did not dazzle or surprise me. I became aware that Jackie Kennedy had lived not far at 1040 5th Avenuue. I visited theMetropolitanMuseum across the street from the Stanhope often. The apt buildings around the hotel were beautiful—tall, straight and totally majestic. It was as if I had never seen anything that good before.

Belonging mattered more than anything. It was my place, my neighborhood.


One Response to “My Fabled Hotel”

  1. alex Says:

    Captures that magic special places have in your memories.

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