$5 Dream

$5 Dream
It was long. The dress was silky when she touched it. It felt like velvet and she smiled. The color was plum, one of her favorite fruits. She looked at the price tag–$5 down from at least $20. The original price was blacked out but she guessed that at one time the thrift shop must have wanted a lot more for it. She waited until one of the dressing rooms in the back was free. Velveteen, is it? Velveteen is not velvet, she said to herfeslf as she took the dress out of the hanger. I used to have velvet, real velvet. She shrugged. It’s still beautiful. I never wear beautiful anythings anymore. The sleeves were narrow—even too narrow for her skinny arms. She couldn’t zip up the dress and see what she looked like in it. Too bad. I would have wanted something pretty again—something of my very own. I’ll wait for another dream dress. She put the dress back in the rack and walked out.


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