Little Woman

She is short, no more than 5 feet. Her body is thin and her legs are like sticks. The grey pants she is wearing make her look like a little girl. The white shirt is probably silk. Her dark overcoat must have been expensive once. She clutches the handle of her narrow red cart. There are spots on her hands. The woman’s face is small. A father and two kids walk by. She smiles and her brown eyes light up. She walks around her neighborhood, pushing the little red cart. It is full to the top with newspapers and envelopes wrapped in plastic bags. The woman stops to talk to people. Her mind is sharp. She knows what is going on in the world. Did you hear about the woman on the Upper East Side who was raped early Saturday morning? Some Starbucks stores don’t have free wi fi anymore.
She lives alone in a beautiful co-op.Just before she goes to bed, she steps out on her balcony. The Hudson River is spread out before her.
The woman can afford to eat out several times a week by herself. Something about her is touching. Life is meant to be taken as you find it. No questions asked.
She shrugs. What are you going to do?


One Response to “Little Woman”

  1. alex Says:

    very beguiling-who is this woman? I’m intrigued

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