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Little Soldier Gone

September 21, 2011

Little Soldier Gone

Oh, my dear one, I remember you well! You used to stand guard outside the door. Your mistress was washing herself in parts and you made sure nobody disturbed her. I can see your medium brown little body as it stood straight and alert. You used to wait patiently until she was done. At last, she would open the door. There you were to escort her back to your corner loft space.



His last Day

September 17, 2011

His Last Day He did not want to die. He would have paid to stay alive a little longer, possibly many more years. The cancer was stronger than he had been all his life. My father had done well for himself in 2 countries, both times when he was no longer a young man. Now the illness had no mercy. It was not his choice. It, and not him, was calling the shots. He didn’t care anymore. He was gone physically, but in my heart he will always be alive—the proud Cossack from the Don River who never gave up.


September 10, 2011


So much stress. It gets so that I feel that I cannot stand it anymore. I want to say: Stop it! This is more than enough! I am sick of what is happening! What is going on is awful and my heart is breaking. It has broken but I go on. I just keep going but I don’t know for how long.


Piece of Me

September 2, 2011

Piece of Me There is always a piece that is taken. Big or small, it is bitten out of me. If it’s not this piece, it’s another. It never lets up. I am tired. I could say That’s Enough! But it’d do no good. It’d continue and I would be chewed up some more.