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His illness

October 29, 2011

Some of the Rubio walks were so difficult. By that time he was an older dog and he was sick. Sometimes it was very hard for him to go to the bathroom and when he did go, what came out was often hard and big. Rubio would yell and people would turn around to look. He used to pull on me (he pulled even during his good and younger days) but as he got sicker and the vets  I took him to gave him medicine which sometimes did not work, he would pull harder to go back home. I am so  sorry he had to go through all that he did. Rubio was a great dog and an excellent friend.


October 28th

October 28, 2011

Today would have been the birthday (number 102) of Esther, my neighbor in Argentina. Esther was the lady who lived on the next block (next to the ex bakery). She was 93 years old, had a dog named Bambi whom she adored and her niece was kicking her out. The niece(her nearest relative) had her doped up with a cocktail of drugs and put her in a nursing home. They came to pick her up and Bambi was very distressed when his owner was gone. I had offered to find Esther another apt. with me paying the rent but the niece wouldn’t go for the idea. She was tied up to her chair in the nursing home. I tried other things to help Esther—like asking a radio show host for help and some of our neighbors. I came back to the U.S. (this was when I still had my GA condo) and called the nursing home. Poor Esther! She knew who I was but she was really drugged. There was no need for that. She was a smart, sassy woman and Bambi was her only real family.

Velvet Dream

October 25, 2011

Blue Velvet Dream The prom dress from the 80s was made of very thick velvet. They don’t make them like this anymore, the woman told the person selling it at a yard sale. It is so rich and luxurious, the prospective buyer thought to herself. If I wear it, I’ll feel like a princess. I’ll think that everything that’s happened is just a nightmare I had one night when I had the wrong thing for dinner. Only $4 you say? Sold!

German Sheperds

October 18, 2011

Rubio my own German sheperd was the best of friends. He was there when I needed protecting, when I needed a living being to count on. rubio has been gone for ovver 4 and a half years, but in my heart he still lives. i think about him everyday. Sometimes i am reminded of a moment we lived together by looking at another German sheperd. He will never die.

Little Face

October 12, 2011

 She had a small face. It had wrinkles all over it. Her eyes were small and dark. The lips, once full and lush, were thin and worn. She wore a small flowered blue and white apron. For the winter months she had a light green cardigan-like sweater with big round white buttons. Her life should have been easier. She did not complain about getting up before 6 in the morning to go work in the factory 2 blocks from her house. She never said anything about having to wear the pants in the family. Whatever had to be done to get by, she did. If anybody asked her, she shrugged and said: That’s the way life is.

Long Before

October 3, 2011

Long Before the date of the new anniversary my mind thinks about what it means to me. It has been so long—over 20 years and the experience is stLong before Long Before the date of the new anniversary my mind thinks about what it means to me. It has been so long—over 20 years and the experience is still the most important of my life. For a short time (it was so very brief) I thought I could belong because I truly loved 2 people. I was new and inexperienced (what someone might have called callow). The short years I was near these 2 people marked my life forever. They are gone physically but inside my mind and soul, they live on. When I am sad and stressed, I think of them. They are my comfort. I can trust them..