22 Cents Make a Millionaire

22 Cents Make a Millionaire

 First she saw a dime. A few steps more another dime. 2 pennies near the curb. She picked up the coins looking right and left to make sure that no one was watching. It was almost 5 and getting dark. I can save these coins, she thought to herself pushing the red cart. A little more and I can get myself a cup of hot coffee. Who’d want anything cold on  a night like this? She smiled and put the coins in the pocket of her blue jacket. Yes, this windfall makes me feel that I’m rich. It’s better than eating sour cream in the old days when I had a house.









One Response to “22 Cents Make a Millionaire”

  1. alex Says:

    pretty amazing piece of writing-powerful and moving. I can really feel what this person is thinking

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