The Last Time

The Last Time It was 7 in the morning and you asked me to go for a walk. I said sure and got dressed. When we were outside, I saw that you wanted, yet didn’t want to go anywhere. You pulled towards the main door of the building, then you pulled towards the sidewalk and the curb. The temperature started to go up. It was going to be another hot and humid summer. We walked one or two blocks and you relieved yourself as much as you could. I kept thinking that something wasn’t right. Before, when you were healthy and in your prime, you couldn’t wait to go out the door. In the elevator, you stared at the zigzaggy door and sighed when it opened. But now you were ill. You forced yourself to do your business and it was home again. You rushed back to your refuge, to the place where you felt safe. That morning, the way you pulled on the way to the big door told me you just weren’t interested anymore. It was time to go.


One Response to “The Last Time”

  1. alex Renskoff Says:

    A unique kind of quiet power. Very emotional build up.

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