Every Detail

Every Detail:

They are forever in my mind, the last hours of your life. I went to bed but sleeping was useless. You were there, on the cool bathroom tiles and you couldn’t sleep. I changed the bandage on your front legs every half hour as the vet had asked me to.  The house was too quiet, so I turned on the radio. I don’t remember what the talk show host was saying, but his voice kept me company. I didn’t want you to die. Two days earlier I had asked you to please hold on to life. I loved you and wanted you with me. But your illness wasn’t going to go away. You were in deep pain. I walked around the living room and looked out at the cars on the street. I forced myself to go back to the bathroom. It was your last castle. They were going to come for us early in the morning to take us to the vet’s office.


3 Responses to “Every Detail”

  1. alex Says:

    I am so moved by these moments of your beloved friend’s last days. You were so lucky to have each other. You are putting together a fine tribute to him with these pieces

  2. Cindy A Christiansen Says:

    I can feel the love and loss you felt for Rubio. Dogs are such a joy. No wonder dog spelled backward is God. I’ve lost some wonderful friends myself and feel your pain. What a wonderful accolade to your friend. Do you have a photo?

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