I loved Him

I Loved Him He was a priest and I loved him. I loved him more than I have ever loved any other man. We were young, he was slightly older than me. I was not too experienced in the ways of love and sex but I knew what I was feeling and it was delicious. I cared for another human being. I cared if he was sick or sad or happy. Everything about him interested me. He was irreplaceable in my life. The obstacles were many. Some had to do with the Catholic Church and its Celibacy Rule, others had to do with us. I am sorry that I never became a priest’s wife—a working priest’s wife. I am thinking about all this because of an editorial in the NY Times on January 13th, 2012. It was called For Priests’ Wives, a Word of Caution. I think that in order to understand what it feels like, you have to live it. I did and I don’t regret my love. Someday all priests—not just former Episcopalians—will have wives, if that’s what they want.


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