Street Woman

A brown face, very tired looking, a thin wool coat, white socks and dark half shoes. She walked towards the other passerby. “Please, she said.” I am hungry. I have no home. Could you buy me a slice of pizza?” The passerby shook her head and walked on. The woman stopped another person.He reached into his pocket and handed her a few coins. The passerby watched her from a distance. How can this be? She’s shivering. She walked towards the woman. “I don’t have much money because I am unemployed, but I’ll get you the slice of pizza.”The crossed the street on Washington Avenue, near Dekalb. “It’s there, the woman said pointing to a small place.” It’s that hole in the wall.” “One slice of cheese”, she told the man behind the counter. The passerby paid and the woman opened her mouth wide. “Let me stay here a little longer. It’s warm here.” The passerby nodded. And touched her on the arm. “ Good luck.”She went to the corner of Washington to wait for the light.


One Response to “Street Woman”

  1. alex Renskoff Says:

    Very powerful. I’m really left speechless. On the one hand you have the beauty of a person who is also dealing with joblessness being generous to someone with less. And the power that the desire for just a slice of pizza can mean to a person.

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