UnaMaid En Manhattan

In Una Maid en Manhattan, Sara Montero, the bad girl has paid a couple of goons to scare her rival Marisa Lujan. One of the goons drove Hugo, who hates Marisa because he blames her for the breakup of his marriage, to a political event held outside the hotel where Marisa works as a maid. Her billionaire boyfriend, Cristobal Parker, is running for U.S. senator for the state of New York. Hugo was supposed to shoot Marisa with fake bullets, but when the driver goon was not looking, he substituted the fakes with real bullets. Sara got hit in the shoulder. It was not serious but she’s pretending that it’s a big deal and that she’s lost a lot of blood. Cristobal and Marisa are grateful to her for supposedly saving their lives. Sara will use this to separate Marisa and Cristobal. Now, next to Sara, Marisa is not very interesting. She’s the good girl/star in the novela, the poor single immigrant mother from Michoacan, Mexico who almost got her son taken away from her through Sara’s schemes. Marisa deserves the billionaire, not Sara. As I watch Una Maid en Manhattan, I want to know what Sara going to do next. I am interested in her. She, Sara, is the fascinating character, though she is evil and will get found out/punished  in the end. It looks like Sara’s parents, instead of loving her left her to the care of nannies and other paid people and that’s why she’s mean and cruel to Marisa, who socially is on a very low level because she is a maid and has to work for a living. Sara is obsessed with Cristobal Parker and will/has lied/manipulated/hurt people in order to get him. Now she’s committed a crime, a Federal crime against a U.S. Senatorial candidate/candidate’s girlfriend. Novelas are never high class (except for the British imports lile Upstairs, Downstairs and now Downton Abbey), but Una Maid en Manhattan is better than most. It entertains and it keeps you watching.











One Response to “UnaMaid En Manhattan”

  1. alex Renskoff Says:

    Nicely written review! I love involving dramas.

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