Buy It!


Go right ahead—BUY IT! Stand on the courthouse steps on a warm day and bid on my house. Shout out the price you think my house is worth. I bet you  anything it’ll be very low. To you my house is an investment, a cheap piece of property that you can get your hands on for very little cash. But I once owned it. I lived there. I dreamed in that house. I had coffee, tea, breakfast, lunch and dinner in my kitchen and living room. My house sheltered me when it was raining hard outside. I climbed up the steps to my door and when I went inside, I smiled. It was mine, a quiet house with 2 bedrooms. I liked looking out my living room window at the grass and the trees. That was in the summer. I lost my house and there are no more summer days.














One Response to “Buy It!”

  1. alex Renskoff Says:

    Very powerful build up

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