Una Maid en Manhattan

Una Maid en Manhattan is certainly a novela that pulls a viewer in. Now the kid (Marisa the maid’s child prodigy 10 year-old son) has fainted and in the last scene last night Marisa got down on her knees to be by her son’s side. Her face was turned up as if to Heaven, asking why this was happening. Una Maid en Manhattan makes a viewer want to keep watching to see what will happen next—though there is a not very believable part concerning Cristobal, the billionaire that Marisa will marry. Last night Marisa told him that Sara, the antagonist, will stop at nothing to get him and Cristobal still doesn’t believe that Sara is capable of such a thing or of the attempt on Marisa’s life. The kid’s illness is probably a way of stretching out the novela. Yesterday was episode number 99; it’s supposed to last until May or June. There are plenty of subplots to keep it going for one or 2 more months at least (the most important being finding out that Sara is, in fact, an evil woman), but the writers/producers want another one involving the protagonist’s only son.



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