Una Maid en Manhattan

Now in Una Maid en Manhattan, there is the threat of Lalo, Marisa’s 10-year-old son, having a brain tumor.This adds to Marisa’s troubles, as she has just learned through one of her maid friends, that Critobal kissed Sara, the antagonist. He kissed Sara on the rebound after his relationship with Marisa was thought to be over. Sara pushed him into kissing her by getting him drunk wirh some kind of Greek wine. The brain tumor threat is probably meant to have Victor, Lalo’s biological father, confess to Marisa that Sara put him up to taking Lalo away from her and that she also paid for an expensive 5th Avenue lawyer. Lalo is an important character in the novela. Where he to really die, that would make Marisa finally marrying Cristobal, the billionaire and future U.S. senator, very bittersweet. One wonders as Sara keeps using and manipulating people (like Amelia, Cristobal’s gullible mother) when will she be seen for the evil person that she is? When will they know the real Sara? When will she be unmasked once and for all? How will that happen?



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