The Evil One

The Evil One

Sara Montero. That’s her name—the evil woman in Una Maid enManhattanon Telemundo. It wasn’t enough and she’s going for more. At first, she tried to have Marisa Lujan, the Mexican immigrant maid in love with the billionaire, raped and killed. The billionaire is running for theU.S.Senate and he is in love with Marisa, not Sara. Sara cannot take such rejection—after all, Marisa is the lowly one and she is the rich woman. Cristobal should love her and not Marisa. Sara wants to marry Cristobal; perhaps she is not aware that there are about 58 billionaires inNew York. Her latest plan to achieve this end is a great one—she has masterminded a giant multimillion dollar jewel heist and will have Marisa blamed for it. That will get her out of the way for sure. Marisa’s child prodigy son has a possible brain tumor and Marisa’s health insurance will not cover all the expenses. Her child’s grave illness is the perfect motive for the robbery. Marisa is too proud to ask the billionaire to help her. There are two very sad parts in this new development: Marisa’s ex alcoholic husband has given Sara Montero and company the information for the robbers to get into the hotel where the jewels are being exhibited. He’s been kept drunk so that when the cops ask questions he won’t remember anything. And Marisa, desperate to get the extra money for her son’s surgery, believes Sara is sincere when she offers to give her a job at the exhibit. The money will come in handy, but it’s just Sara’s way of incriminating Marisa and make sure she’ll be blamed. The exhibit work money is bait, pure and simple.



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