2 Dogs

2 Dogs

A large blond dog, possibly a Labrador Retriever, on a street in Buenos Aires. He rested himself on the sidewalk in submissive position. Take me, somebody please take me. I am tired of walking all around the city. It is such a large city and there are so many cars, so many people—some of the people are not kind to me. Women have come after me with a broom. Get out of here, you filthy stray, they shouted. My brown eyes looked up at them in  amazement. No, please, don’t. Don’t you see? Don’t you get it? If I am here, breaking the garbage bag with my bare teeth, it’s only because I am so hungry! I lost my home and I can’t find my owner. Walking a lot does that to a dog—it makes him even more hungry.

A black medium-sized dog. He is not young and he is not old. The dog collapsed on the sidewalk in front of Retiro Station, the Grand Central of Buenos Aires. So exhausted! I give up! My doggie brain can’t remember how far I’ve walked. It must have been several hundred kilometers. I think I must have gone past all the neighborhoods I have looked for a home—for a new owner. Now will I die here on the street? Will someone nice take me in at last? If I could only care!





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