Could Have

Could Have

A woman with short grey/white hair. Her face was wrinkled, her eyes were brown. The pants she wore were a little baggy, making her look older. The T-shirt was white with decorations, a little worn. The driver, the bus driver, she told the stranger. He let me off at the wrong stop an I had to walk 10 blocks to get here.My life has been hard—my husband is no good. He always cheated on me and I got tired. I waited too long to get tired, but one day I told him I’d had it. He learned where the exit door was. My life, the rest of my life has been hard. A factory worker with extra hours, not all paid. My life has been hard. I repeat this to you so you’ll understand.




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One Response to “Could Have”

  1. alex Renskoff Says:

    interesting. Was this something you over heard? a slice of city life? I really like these vignettes

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