Una Maid En Manhattan

It makes me mad—but it keeps me watching. Tonight’s episode of Una Maid en Manhattan probably will have Sara Montero, the evil woman capable of murder to get what she wants, sleeping with Cristobal Parker. Cristobal has just been elected U.S. Senator for the state of New York and Sara wants to exhibit him as a trophy so that the woman he really loves, Marisa Lujan, will get angry. Everyone tells Marisa to fight for Cristobal if she really loves him but in last night’s episode, she saw him kissing Sara Montero after he won the election and did nothing. Marisa had gone to Cristobal’s hotel (the hotel he bought for her) to congratulate him on his victory and that’s when she saw them kissing. I think that the scriptwriters will have Cristobal ask Sara to marry him and then when they are at the altar the police are going to come and arrest her for plotting to have Marisa accused of stealing the high end jewels that she, Sara, arranged to steal with her cohorts. Cristobal will be more than very angry then and he will kick himself for being so stupid as to fall for her manipulative tricks. There is no logic to Marisa’s lack of action. Praying to the Virgen to forget him will not do anything. If she, Marisa, really wants Cristobal (she does) she will have to confront Sara Montero sooner rather than later. She has to stop being “nice” and “sacrificial”. And maybe slap her in the same way Sara once slapped Marisa.





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