The Lights

The Lights

I remember the lights, the bright yellow lights burning the top of my head. We were in a room, your parochial office, and there were people all around us. They didn’t know what was going on. All I wanted was to talk to you. All I wanted was to ask you if you had read the letter I had sent you. I loved you more than any man I had known. You brought out the woman in me and I didn’t want to let go without a fight. I knew how rare what I felt for you was and I thought that deserved a chance, maybe more than a chance. Later, days after that evening, I found out that you were in a bad mood, that you were getting mad at people for no apparent reason. Someone asked me if you had ever made any sort of promises to me, promises that now you didn’t want to keep. No, I said. But I know I will ever love like that again.



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2 Responses to “The Lights”

  1. alex Renskoff Says:

    Very Powerful.

  2. Mochi Sales Says:

    im somewhat moved. im in a relationship with someone in this kind of profession and i cant help it.

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